How to hear all the steps in ccgo, make the steps louder in CS:GO

There probably aren’t any players left in 2021 who would play CS:GO without headphones. And indeed, headphones allow you to collect a lot of additional information on the map, allow you to react to your enemy running, and a lot more useful things. But they don’t always have perfect sound, so in this article we’ve gathered all the ways you can improve sound quality and volume in CS:GO, be it sounds of steps, reloading or shooting. Today we want to give you some useful tips on how to adjust your headphones and edit the volume in them.

So, first, you’ll need to click on the speaker icon, on the right side of your monitor, on the startup shortcut bar. There you’ll see “open volume mixer.” Go to it. There you’ll see an item called “enhancements.” Go into them, you’ll see a tab. Scroll down to the very bottom and check the box next to “tone compensation”. This will help you to amplify the quiet sounds in the game. Now you will be able to hear your enemy even if he is very far away. At you will also be able to choose different merchandise that will help you diversify the visual part of the game. If you start using them to supplement your gameplay, you will be able to get more enjoyable emotions from the game.

Windows Sonic 

Not many people have heard of this program, but it really allows you to improve your sound. You will have 2 options here, either enable the 3 options or disable them while Windows sonic is running. In the first case you will hear everything loud and clear, but with echoes and noticeable fading. In the second case – all the sounds will be too amplified, so much so that it will start to hurt your ears. It is up to you to decide what to choose and how to do it. We will show you the way to enable Windows Sonik. In the same way, you can go to the sound settings. There you will see the item “spatial sound”. By hovering over the feature, you will be able to turn on Winwows Sonic for headphones, in the adjacent table.

Console Commands

The only downside to these commands is that you will have to enter them every time you log into the game. However, this issue is solved by creating a configuration. Here you can see these commands:

  1. Snd_headphone_pan_exponent 2. 
  2. Snd_front_headphone_position 45.0. 
  3. Snd_rear_headphone_position 135. 
  4. Snd_mixahead 0.05.

The first command allows you to make quiet sounds in the game louder. It is not always convenient, but it increases the audibility by several times. The second and third command will improve the sound quality in front and behind you. The last command will speed up the sound transmission to your headphones. That is, by adjusting this setting, the sound will reach you faster. Using these simple tips you can get a serious advantage in the game, so you should consider all your options.

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