Developing an Instagram account

If you really want to develop your Instagram account, it’s not enough to just buy instagram followers. Of course, it can help you in the beginning of the way, but in the future you will have to use the tips that we will name in this article.


Active Instagram users have long ago developed banner blindness, so they absentmindedly notice stock photos and prefer “live” content. Now it is not a trend to retouch photos and use harsh filters. Maximum naturalness, regularity, unified color space, subject photos and a minimum of complicated graphics – this is what business owners should strive for.


Texts under photos should be informative and interesting. Yes, epithets and other verbal tricks are fine, but don’t forget about specifics. Be concise, avoid vague language. To increase sales, the company can tell customers about discounts, hot offers and bonuses. Emoji, bulleted lists, tags and catchy headlines are also good ideas.

How to define a “portrait” of your customer

A customer portrait is a fictional person who combines the traits of a brand’s target audience segment. Simply put, it’s a collective image of a consumer.

Why do you need a customer portrait?

  1. It helps to make the right offer and find the triggers of influence;
  2. It will help to personalize the offer;
  3. It helps to speak to your audience in the same language, understanding their habits and desires;
  4. It will help to choose the most effective channels of communication.

The ready portrait of the client should take into account:

  • sociodemographic characteristics: gender, age, education, income level, and so on;
  • a description of the client’s life principles, her pains, fears, triggers and desires, and what makes her happy
  • lifestyle;
  • habits: what time he is most often online, how often he shops, which social networks he is most used to;
  • who makes the purchasing decision, and what external factors influence the consumer’s opinion.

Run targeting

Targeted advertising in social networks is one of the most actively developing Internet marketing channels. Targeting allows you to work only with the target audience, which has certain characteristics, and show ads to a selected group of people.

Subscribe to other profiles

If you’ve only recently created a page, you can also gain your first subscribers manually. Allocate time to study your target audience and subscribe to those people whose interests coincide with your field of activity.

Mass liking and mass following

Mass following, mass liking is recruiting an audience through performing mass actions.  You subscribe to other people, like their posts and so many times. You can do this manually, or you can make your life easier and use automated services.

Comment posts of your followers

An old, but still working method. Just try to avoid standard phrases from the category: “beautiful”, “super”, “cool photo” and so on. Demonstrate originality, leave under the publication active instagram followers extended and catchy comments. People are more likely to notice you and pay attention to your page.