Gifts to motivate employees

What do you need to increase the productivity of your company’s employees? Sooner or later you ask yourself this question and start thinking: how to motivate, who, how and how it will affect the work of the team as a whole. In this article we’ll find out what motivational gifts for employees are in principle, how to properly encourage your subordinates and how to organize the proper motivation of employees.

Gifts for employee motivation and their types

If we divide the motivational gifts into different categories, then we get these three types.

  • Functional. These can be a variety of gifts that are customary to give on holidays to their employees. These are gadgets, appliances, notepads, accessories and more.
  • Symbolic. Those that are given to the employee on important days in the history of the company – figurines, badges, pens, expensive souvenirs.
  • Events. Trips, corporate events, trips – those are the gifts that allow employees to relax, to communicate in an informal atmosphere, to look at the company management from another creative side. 

In a separate category could be placed monetary motivation – bonuses, or, for example, a universal certificate with the possibility of using it to purchase desirable goods or services. You can also find great gift options for such occasions here.

Proper staff motivation

Here you should think about it, especially if the company has a very large staff. Therefore, you need to separate the goals for which you will do this. You should also pay attention to what is important for the employee, because someone will be satisfied with a small gift in the form of a badge or a notebook, and someone puts his position in the company in the first place, and the best encouragement for him will be the appearance of his photo on the stand of the best employees. A good solution would be to single out the best employees of the company and give them more expensive gifts. At the same time do not forget about the other employees, because they also work for the benefit of your company and they also need motivation.

Monetary motivation in this case is also considered a good solution, because even if you know all the preferences and wishes of your employee, it is much more interesting to get a reward for their work in the form of a bonus. It will be much easier for you to solve these issues if you build a system of motivation in the company, and each employee will know about it. He will understand that he can do at his usual pace, taking his rate at the end of the month and not growing, or working for the company and know that the company will appreciate it and will mark it up – with attention, a present or a bonus.

If you want to choose great gift options, you can do so at. Here, every user gets access to a wide range of presents. Special gift cards can help you avoid the hassle of choosing a gift, because they can be a one-stop solution for any situation. You can motivate your employees with a gift card to a restaurant or a bookstore. You can give any card of this type as a gift.