Cryptocurrency mining: How to earn money?

Mining is the mining of cryptocurrency using a special algorithm (this only applies to POW-based cryptocurrency). A unique set of data (or block) is generated on the computer, which confirms the validity of payment transactions. For this, the owner of the equipment receives a reward. For example, for the bitcoin network this is 25 coins. However, even this number is not permanent. Over time, it will become half that number, then another half. And so on. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand for mining equipment has increased. 

However, if a few years ago anyone with access to a sufficiently powerful computer could become a miner, the situation has changed dramatically over the past year. Past methods of mining popular cryptocurrencies are no longer effective. It requires expensive equipment to obtain popular currency. Therefore, the complexity of mining is increasing. Although you can still use PC mining to mine the cryptocurrency of some less popular cryptocurrencies.

Buying cryptocurrency

You can buy electronic currency for money at special exchangers, or cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also use cards

What is the difference between an exchange and a cryptocurrency exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to trade – you can buy and sell when the rate suits you, place long-term orders. The exchanger only allows you to convert one currency to another at the current rate. Which is more convenient is up to you to decide. If your goal is to quickly convert currencies, you change them in the exchanger. If the purpose of maximum profitable conversion, or earn on the difference between rates – go to the cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto-currency trading develops every day, and, as a result, the list of global exchanges is regularly updated with new platforms for trading major cryptocurrencies and numerous altcoins.

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online resource that allows buying/selling electronic money online. Today there are more than 300 decentralized exchanges, but if you compare prices for the same currency pair at different exchanges, it is easy to identify the best ones among them, which allow users to make the most profitable use of the difference in exchange rates and earn from it. This is the so-called cryptocurrency arbitrage – a simple and quick way to make money on crypto. Cryptocurrency arbitrage is earning on the difference between the value of the same currency on different trading floors. 

When choosing a trading floor, we are driven primarily by commercial interest: having come to a particular exchange with a certain amount of money, we expect to increase our capital and gain experience, which in the future will help us to use exchanges as a source of permanent income. Therefore it is first necessary to carefully study the lists of the best exchanges and select those where it is most profitable to buy currency (where the lowest price), the best to trade (sell at the highest price), and those with optimal conditions for better and more reliable storage of digital savings. You can also use