The golden rules of CS:GO training for newbies

Many of us have an ambitious goal – to succeed in CS:GO. By following the rules that we have confirmed by experience, you can guarantee to pump your skills and increase your chances of achieving your cherished dream. You can also find interesting merchandise at CSGO NET.

The rules for success

  • Play consciously. First you have to decide whether you’re playing for the sake of the game itself or whether your goal is to improve your skill. If the first, then OK, it makes little sense to expect any result from playing for fun. In the second case, however, the approach to the process must be more conscious, begin to analyze your actions, both before and after.  Growth in skill depends on identifying mistakes, analyzing them, and eliminating them. Playing mindlessly, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to notice and eliminate mistakes, on the contrary, there is a probability of fixing some patterns of wrong behavior. Only by analyzing it you can recognize that you have made a mistake and turn it into a useful experience.
  • Making mistakes is normal. One of the properties of the brain is to learn from its own mistakes. In order to learn something new, you have to play consciously. Then the next law comes into effect: before you get better, you have to get worse. Yes, that’s right! Previously, you were acting according to a certain algorithm, shooting at a target in a certain way, and now, you have set a goal – to hit more in the head. To achieve the goal, you need to rebuild the algorithm you previously worked out, which means for a while starting to play worse than before. By trying to shoot better, you stop hitting at all. But gradually, by following the new program, your brain will develop a new habit, and you will get better.
  • Don’t pass up opportunities, train with a trainer. Classes with an experienced coach are the most effective form of gaining new knowledge in the shortest time possible. When you work with a coach, you’re not only gaining his experience, but you’re going the right and aligned route in advance. Your mentor also helps you to cope with all the “monsters” waiting on the way in the form of lack of motivation, self-discipline, etc., which almost always have a negative impact on the achievement of the goal.
  • Simply playing more is not enough. Many people still believe that the more you play, the faster you can learn to play well. This common belief has its roots in early cyber sports, when players didn’t have the opportunity to train otherwise. There were no coaches, no psychologists, no training tools, no training guides, no cybersports schools, etc. So, first of all, you need to keep up with the times and use the current tools, which are aimed at practicing certain skills / knowledge / abilities. And secondly, if we make an analogy with soccer, for example, no coach reduces training only to ordinary matches. Why do you think so? The thing is that playing on the field can’t develop your body the way a gym does, and an important match situation can never happen in twenty games, but after that it can be crucial in a tournament. It is always necessary to take a comprehensive approach to the issue of training and work on both local errors (in a particular situation) and more global ones.  
  • Have fun playing the game. It is also important not to turn the whole game into a training field and not to forget to enjoy the game. You can get a lot of interesting products that will add variety to the game at the website. Here you can find everything you need to enjoy your favorite game and the picture you constantly see in the matches.