Ideas for promoting a dental clinic

Advertising a private dental clinic is not easy, as this function is often taken over by the manager, who already has many responsibilities. Most marketing campaigns are limited to finding new customers and retaining old ones, but in reality marketing involves a wide range of tools. Below are a few different ideas for promoting the clinic. You may know about most of these ideas, but if you refresh your knowledge after reading this article, you can come up with something new for your clinic.

  1. Flyers with the invitation “Come to our clinic”. It is necessary to print advertising leaflets and distribute them in the mailboxes of neighboring houses, especially in new buildings. This way people can learn about the existence of your clinic.
  2. Get involved in community activities. People will know and start to trust your practice if you give the right impression of yourself. See how you can help in your area where your clinic is located. This could be a new playground, help with new parking spaces for residents, and much more. The main thing is to make sure that as many people as possible notice it and they should also find out who did it.
  3. Set up a blog on the Internet (a blog may have its own page on social networking sites). Do not underestimate the power of the Internet, a blog will help you establish communication with potential patients who will learn interesting information and useful tips from your blog. You can find more information about Internet marketing at this link
  4. SEO Optimization of the website. You should pay attention to the quality and content of your clinic website.  This type of promotion will allow your site to take high positions in search engines.
  5. Offer a discount or free procedure on oral hygiene. Who does not like free services or discounts?  Such an offer will attract new customers, but before you launch it, study the shares of your competitors. To get your patient’s attention, your offer must be unique.
  6. Offer a 5% discount on prepaid treatment. This will allow you not only to attract new patients, but also not to worry that patients will miss an appointment because it has already been paid for.
  7. Use social media. Today, social media is not an accessory option, but one of the main elements of advertising.  Facebook, Instagram and other platforms allow you to stay in constant contact with patients. At the same time it is worth making sure that the published content is interesting and relate to dentistry. It is good to use jokes and quotes from famous people. In any case, the main thing is to create content that users will share with friends, thus advertising your services.
  8. Use targeted advertising on social networking services Facebook and Instagram. These services publish ads with a link to the site. The cost of such ads is small compared to other advertising channels, and in a month we can get an additional number of transitions from social networks to the clinic site, where a potential patient can read reviews and decide to make an appointment. In addition, the ads will remind your current patients to come to dental checkups.
  9. Cross Marketing. Arrange for mutual advertising with the heads of other private medical facilities or other business owners.  Before choosing this strategy, you need to check the quality of services provided by your potential partner, otherwise it may happen that you will advise the patient to a clinic or store partner, where he will be provided poor quality service. Naturally, such a situation will also have a detrimental effect on your business.

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