How to upload a website to hosting?

The concept of “hosting” is faced by many novice webmasters who first create a website. What is it? So, hosting is a service provided to a user by a hosting company for placing information on a server. The choice of hosting should be approached very seriously. The quality of the site’s work depends on it. There are two types of hosting: free and paid. The first has many shortcomings. Among them, the main ones are the following: a third-level domain name, the presence of someone else’s advertising, the likelihood of server instability. Paid hosting does not have all these disadvantages, and the monthly fee is just a small part of the costs.

A novice webmaster may have a question regarding how to upload a site to a hosting that is free or paid. The actions are almost the same in both cases. All hosting companies have their own sites. They provide information on current offers, prices for related services. After choosing a particular company, you should register on its website and get a personal account. It is from it that in the future, actions will be taken to upload files to the server.

How to upload a site to hosting: sample steps

There are two ways to upload a site to hosting: using FTP and HTTP protocol. To use the FTP protocol, you will need an FTP client (a special software product that allows you to upload information to the server). It can be found on the Internet, downloaded and installed on a computer. To download files, you will need to configure the program. For example, some FTP clients request the following information: server name, login, special password. The user, having completed all the necessary steps, will be able to transfer files for the site from his computer to the server.

Some accounts on the sites of hosting companies have special file managers that allow you to upload data using the HTTP protocol. Here, probably, many beginners will think about how to upload a site to hosting using managers. In principle, using them is not difficult. There, to perform certain actions, there are corresponding options. A user who has read all the information in his personal account will not have any particular difficulties. Whether the site is loaded correctly or not, you can easily find out by going to its address. If all the actions are performed correctly, then the user will see the final result – the page of his own site.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of type of hosting. Recently, a VPS server has become an increasingly popular option. It is much more reliable than shared hosting, since here you will not share the server capacity with your neighbors. VPS allows you to take full advantage of the server’s capabilities and gives excellent guarantees for the uptime of your site. In this case, you do not need to worry about the routine processes that administrators can perform for you. The virtual private server, by the principle of its operation, is more like a dedicated server, since here every webmaster has a powerful resource on which you can place quite serious projects. You can purchase this and other types of hosting at Here you can find a great hosting option for any project.

When you choose a hosting, first of all, pay attention to those needs that the selected option will have to satisfy. If the project is small, then it is recommended to use virtual hosting to reduce costs and comfortably continue to work on its modernization. If the project has tens of thousands of visits per day, then shared hosting will not be enough, as your site will begin to constantly hang and disappear. In this situation, it is better to consider more expensive hosting options.