How to find the best content for Instagram

Publics are very popular in social networks, it is only important to choose the direction of the community and prescribe certain aspects of its maintenance. And also fill the public with valuable content that attracts users. You can also buy instagram followers to immediately make your account more authoritative. Now let’s talk about content.

Where do you get video content and images for Instagram? 

  • Keep up to date on the web. To be always aware of all the events, trends and info occasions, surprising your subscribers with nobility and timeliness, keep track of relevant information on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, subscribe to similar hashtags on Instagram and take the latest photos from there
  • Analysis of competitors. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your competitors’ content and analyze it. This way you can understand what your audience likes and what they absolutely do not accept, you’ll catch a couple of valuable insights and be inspired to create your own alternative text and visual material.
  • News resources. For example, giants like Google Scholar. They will give you an infinite variety of topics, reinforce them with scientifically confirmed facts and, in principle, help educate an intelligent audience.

We seem to have begun to forget what the main treasure trove of great images looks like. We recommend not just saving pictures on demand, but to pay close attention to “similar”, you can often find a lot of diamonds there. We are sure that using our tips, you will be able to create a bright, dynamic and interesting community, standing out against the background of other publics on the web.

How to promote your content

Content is valuable only when it finds its reader. After all, it’s silly and irrational to write in vain without feedback from subscribers, so it’s important to work closely with the issue of promoting your account. Here are the basic principles of promotion.

  • Search Instagram. Only three indicators are indexed in Instagram search: your nickname, information in the “name” line and hashtags. That’s why it’s important to keep these metrics as interesting and effective as possible in order to attract new customers.
  • Use the only active link in your profile header. At the very least, if you can not think of which site or landing strip to redirect potential customers or subscribers – insert a link tap link.
  • Geotags. It is enough to choose a popular location where your potential target audience often spends their time and invite people from there to your community.
  • Regular content. And not just regular, but quality content. Be prepared for the fact that you’ll have to make a detailed content plan and make posts systematically at times that are relevant to your followers.
  • Collaborations and collaborations. Don’t be afraid to tag different brands in photos and offer collaborative activities to bloggers of related topics with similar audiences. This will improve your followers’ engagement and help you get a million instagram followers.
  • Promotion in the comments. You don’t have to have an exorbitant amount of money to use this free method. If you write a comment on a blogger who is in the thousands or millions, you run the risk of getting good publicity and attracting followers to your page. But to do this, your comment must be among the first – so put a notice on the publications of bloggers with a similar target audience.

The basic principle for creating truly high-quality and relevant content is to have a unique idea multiplied by a good picture, and backed up by a bright text that shows your personality. Use our tips, and you’ll get a lot of new opportunities to develop your account.