How does British Dragon work?

Sustabol is one of the commercial names of the composite anabolic androgenic steroid sustanon , formed from four testosterone esters. It is produced by the pharmaceutical company British Dragon, known for its quality . The popularity of the composite drug was ensured by the combination of fast-acting and long-lasting forms of testosterone, thanks to which it was possible to obtain a product that maintains a stable and high level of hormonal levels.   

An additional benefit for many athletes is that injections can be performed less frequently . Therefore, it will be possible to avoid problems associated with unpleasant sensations arising from the appearance of infiltrates (seals) at the injection site. Details on the website:

How does Sustabol work?

The preparation of British Dragon included four forms of testosterone in a ratio of 3: 6: 6: 10. We are talking about such broadcasts:

  • propionate ;
  • phenylpropionate ;
  • isocaproate ;
  • decanoate .

The composite preparation has no qualitative differences from any of the forms of testosterone, both included in its composition and others. The drug, a classic for bodybuilding, is popular mainly due to its ease of use, allowing you to get as a result of the course:

  • a decent increase in dense and elastic muscle mass. If measures are taken in time, then the rollback phenomenon should not have a significant impact. But prevention is absolutely necessary, since a large part of the increase occurs due to fluid retention;
  • improved appetite. From this comes a lot of benefit on the course. After all, the body needs to be provided with resources for the production of energy, which is spent on the transformation of muscles;
  • a tangible increase in strength and endurance;
  • anti-catabolic effect that protects muscle tissue from destruction.

How to take british dragon sustanon

The solo course is designed to build muscle mass. Its duration, if it is decided not to include chorionic gonadotropin in the course scheme , should not exceed ten weeks. A short course should also not be done, given how gradually the influence of long testosterone esters unfolds. Injections are usually performed in the gluteal region. To maintain hormonal levels, one injection per week is enough (when used for medical purposes, injections are performed three times less often). A weekly dosage of 250-500 mg is recognized as rational. 

From the second week of the course, the use of aromatase inhibitors begins . Control tests for estradiol levels are performed, if possible, every ten days. Otherwise, adhere to the use of anastrozole every other day, 0.5 mg. Stops reception of inhibitors of aromatase a week or two after the last injection on the course of Sustanon from the British Dragon .    

For post-cycle therapy, starting three weeks later, when the effect of the composite drug ends, tamoxifen is taken as the main component , supplemented by testosterone boosters. 

A powerful composite preparation is quite enough for an effective mass – gaining course. However, it is often included in combination steroid courses in place of testosterone enanthate or cypionate . The most popular among bodybuilders is the classic combination with nandrolone decanoate , which allows you to gain more muscle mass.     

It is also common to combine sustanon with stanozolol to get relief and venous definition . In this combination, the synergistic effect is most pronounced, since testosterone softens the excessively draining effect of stanozolol on the joint capsule by stimulating the production of synovial fluid. And stanozolol eliminates fluid retention, which ultimately leads to the loss of a considerable part of the gained muscle mass. More details:

Side effects possible when using Sustabol

When taking the drug, one should take into account the tendency of testosterone to aromatize and its significant androgenic activity. The classic side effects associated with prolonged use of all forms of testosterone are:

  • acne ;
  • alopecia ;
  • gynecomastia;
  • fluid retention;
  • inhibition of the secretion of endogenous testosterone, which, with an improper campaign, can even lead to testicular atrophy.

As the reviews of bodybuilding fans show, the preventive measures of the practice of athletes have long been developed. It is important to follow the instructions, control your own condition and do not forget to contact a sensible doctor. Then undesirable side effects are almost guaranteed to be avoided.