Drugs to enhance potency

According to statistics, potency problems affect 140 million men worldwide. More than half of all men with impotence have physical ailments such as diabetes and circulatory disorders. The remaining men have impotence of a psychogenic nature.

We have studied the most popular according to search engines means to improve potency, taking into account that when choosing the best means for male potency reviews should be more positive than negative. Now you can get access to great medications such as https://farma-shop.best/extra-super-tadarise-100-mg.

If the problem is not permanent, do not rush with medication treatment, try strong aphrodisiacs for women and men to begin with, and already if they do not help, use any of the following remedies. What is the best drug to choose for potency will prompt a specialist, figuring out the cause of the problem. All drugs can be divided into two large groups: preparations of synthetic origin and on the basis of herbal ingredients.

What is potency

In the male body, the main hormone is testosterone: it is responsible for the appearance of male characteristics, endurance and sperm production. A man’s mood depends on the level of testosterone, but it is better known as the hormone that provokes the sex drive, indirectly responsible for a normal erection or potency. This term in a general sense reflects the ability of the male body to perform regular sexual acts (but not their frequency and temperament of the man). Medically speaking, potency is expressed as:

  1. the rush of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  2. its enlargement;
  3. the ability to maintain a long intercourse.

The natural functions of the body a man can lose due to:

  • obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • stroke;
  • cardiac and vascular abnormalities;
  • abuse of alcohol, nicotine;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • inflammatory processes and pathologies affecting the vessels of the penis;
  • CNS diseases.

At what age does a man lose his manhood

Functioning of the reproductive system in men declines more slowly than in women – there are chances to become a father even at an advanced age. However, it is impossible not to notice the decline in sexual function over time: a strong erection is more difficult to get, there is no previous pleasure from sexual intercourse and even the excitement itself takes a lot of time. Only a doctor can give you the exact date when you have to start trying to restore your potency: some people get it at the age of 40-45, while others do not need to increase libido until they are 60.

Due to a number of features of the male body, sexual dysfunction is not the norm for him even at an advanced age, but always has a specific cause. Make the selection of drugs, procedures and other ways to improve potency requires only after finding out the problems that led to its decline. Given the long list of factors affecting it, doctors can prescribe certain medications. If you are looking for a reliable pharmacy to buy medications, we recommend using https://farma-shop.best/novofine-6-mm-31g.